• Osclass Evolution is an official classifieds script based on Osclass v. 3.8 which was officially closed on September 5, 2019.
    This engine maintains support for old templates and plugins, and it is constantly being updated and improved. Using this script, we guarantee that you will get a quality product with all the necessary support.

    All other improvements of this script are Amateur work of third-party developers.

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    Upload images not working

    anyone .............?!
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    Upload images not working

    Hello I have issues with other themes. Upload images is not working on posting ads. If I am editing an ad it is working. For some reason last try to upload an image is showing as tumbnail when posting another new ad as well. How to roll back and use old uploader ?!
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    The Apache module mod_ssl is not loaded

    This is an usuall problem in OC and there is no salvation at the moment. Usually mod_ssl is not working in many hosting providers. LEAVE the SSl row EMPTY!
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    solved Export ads

    I know the ad import but HOW to export the damn ads since there is NO export tool to use the ad import tool ?!@?!?!?!?!?1
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    solved Export ads

    Its not working especially if you try to "export" ads from different version... All "new" dev versions have differetn things in their db. I have tried, and when importing errors after errors.
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    solved 500 errors after posting ads, no mater which version

    I noticed that phpemailer is in OC twice... once in vendor and once in includes... I tried to remove the one in oc-includes, but then the entire website returned 500 error, so i bringed it back again.
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    solved 500 errors after posting ads, no mater which version

    Hello I am experiencing 500 errors from atleast 9 months, after posting ads. I was with 3.8, upraded later with 3.8.1., then 3.9 and yesterday 4.1.0 with all versions the same. I have basic plugins that come with veronica and last version of veronica theme Today I cleaned the 200 MB log from...
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    released Sliding problems

    When I want to slide down/up with the mose using the bar in right for some reason the scrolling for the sidebar also activates and I cant move up down. Scrolling works only if you have weel on mouse or touchpad. But for detailed scrolling it is good if the scrolling bars are working.
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    solved Install osclass evolution 4.10

    It is so cool. For now it works grate.