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    This engine maintains support for old templates and plugins, and it is constantly being updated and improved. Using this script, we guarantee that you will get a quality product with all the necessary support.

    All other improvements of this script are Amateur work of third-party developers.

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    Contact vía Whatsapp

    How can I add the contac vía whatsapp buttom with the link of the ad?
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    solved Emails not sending.

    Hello, Emails not sending. I can´t see an error log but emails not sending.
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    solved Where Can I find

    Where can I find in my data base my users email to export them to a mailling list?
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    solved Mandrill doesn´t send my emails

    Hello, I´m using mandrill plugin. I have my domain verified, DKIM & SPF valid. On Mandrill plugins Setting I put SMTP: User: Password: I put the credential Mandrill.com/settings. gives me On MailServer setting I put: Hostserver: smtp.mandrillapp.com Port: 587. But don´t work. Please help
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    Stop Sending emails

    Hello, How can I stop to send "Pay premium" email when my users publish an ad. I had payment pro plugin, the users are redirected to payment page. I don´t need to send these emails. Those are a lot of email "Spam"
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    SEo Pro meta titles for some pages

    How can I change those meta titles: -Login -Register -Search -Public users Profile -New listings -Contact I can´t from plugin settings.
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    solved Export ads

    How can I find my ads structure? I want to export my ads
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    Suggestion Ultimate payment upgrade

    Can we add automatic "Bonus" on the Suscription Groups? Must be fine to sell monthly bonus packages not just discounts I.e 1. suscription for $50 a month gives you $75 credits monthly and " x% " discount on "Premiun, Highlight, Move to top, pack 3in1.
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    Help! Captcha error

    I´m having troubles with the captcha on my site. Users can´t register or publish ads because it says captcha incorrect, but don´t show the captcha. I have the keys working but don´t show it on the site and then show the error when clic on register, contact or publish
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    Suggestion Facebook Marketplace Ad importer

    We need a plugin to export our ads to facebook marketplace to gain more trafic :)