• Osclass Evolution is an official classifieds script based on Osclass v. 3.8 which was officially closed on September 5, 2019.
    This engine maintains support for old templates and plugins, and it is constantly being updated and improved. Using this script, we guarantee that you will get a quality product with all the necessary support.

    All other improvements of this script are Amateur work of third-party developers.

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    4.4.0 updated

    I saw evo 4.4 update on my dashboard but its not here. I need to know the change log b4 updating pls
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    How to increase image upload size

    Hello, How do i increase image upload size on php. I get this message when i try to increase it on osclass admin panel. You cannot set a maximum file size higher than the one allowed in the PHP configuration: 1024 KB
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    Custom Attributes plugin

    How can help me out. Custom attributes + sign wont expand sub menu in custom attributes under edit group so that i can assign attribute to item under forsale option in osclass Evo 4. It works properly on Osclass 3.8.0 Pls help
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    Who can help me solve this error

    When ever i try to publish a post on my site i get error in the image below and it redirect me back to homepage. Who can bail me out on how to fix it cos someone told me the notice is from osclass core
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    solved Pls help no recaptcha plugin not working

    Can someone help me with norecaptcha recaptcha plugin. I have imserted tje correct site ans secret key. When i tried to do a test signup on my page. It keep telling rscaptcha was not enter correct after i tick i am not a robot and submit. I unstalled all my plugins. It is still the same. I...
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    Suggestion Allow side bar for list of plugins

    Pls enable side bar scroll to enable us view all the list of plugins installed on osclass evo rather than we not finding installed plugin we want to edit its attributes on the list just like custom attribute plugin. I need to edit it but its not on the list and their is no scroll on the menu to...
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    solved Some plugins not showing on plugins side bar menu

    Hello, I installed about 25 plugins i was using on my old osclass 3.8 on Osclass Evo 4.2. but some of these plugin are missing in plugins side bars and also some of this have sub menu on the old osclass but i cant find their sub menu on evo 4.2. Pls do something about it. Thank you
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    solved How to Upgrade from osclass 3.8 to evo 4.2

    How do i upgrade osclass 3.8 to osclass evo 4.2 without loosing all the published items on the website including user details
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    released oc evo 4.1.0 install button not working

    Hello, Am stucked atbthe evo 4.1.0 install button. The button won't click and run. I tried it on many browsers yet it wont click. Pls help