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    This engine maintains support for old templates and plugins, and it is constantly being updated and improved. Using this script, we guarantee that you will get a quality product with all the necessary support.

    All other improvements of this script are Amateur work of third-party developers.

Suggestion coupon codes


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Coupon Code Plugin allows you to create coupon codes for users, and offers a multitude of settings in back end to set up and tailor the Plugin to your preferences. The ability to provide discounts on listing packages and membership plans to your users is an excellent way to encourage them to purchase or upgrade to more expensive plans and packages. With the Coupon Code Plugin, you may run a promo on your classified site during a festive season or on special occasions.

How it works

back end allowing you to create/manage and configure coupon codes.

Back End
The manager in back end allows you to add coupon codes either in percent or by entering a fixed amount, for instance, any percentage for ex : upto 100% or any amount for ex: 5 USD . With the discount amount set, you may set a duration, within which a coupon code will be valid or add an unlimited coupon code. By configuring further settings, you may choose how many times a particular coupon code can be applied; that is, a one-time use intended for a single user to multiple or even unlimited use.

The Plugin allows you to fine-tune the coupon code settings even further by creating coupons that are valid for specific account types only, for instance for buyers, agents, visitors or even for a particular user by entering his username when creating a code.

Distributing coupon codes
After setting up a coupon code, you may proceed to distributing it among your site members. There are many ways to communicate with the site audience and tell them about discounts they may get with coupon codes. The most effective of them are:

Mass mailing to users about the opportunity of getting a discount;
A post in your blog describing your promo and offering a coupon;
Sharing a coupon on social networks encouraging users to share it;
Offering a coupon at your partners’ sites to attract more traffic.
With a multitude of customization options, the Coupon Code Plugin for classified ads provides a sure way to drive users to a particular service or product. Offering limited-time coupon codes are intended to create a sense of urgency and may potentially increase sales and lure more users into purchasing some of the paid services. The Coupon Code Plugin may be used for different types of classifieds sites, such as real estate, car classifieds, escort or whichever type of classifieds you’re running.