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Suggestion Mass Delete Spammer Registered Users

Old Hippie

I've had a bit of a problem with a flood of people (100s), who I assume to be spammers, register - but never post an ad.

It would be nice if there was a tool, maybe similar to Vbulletin's, where you could put in a before date of when registered and the <= number of ads posted, to turn into an inactive status - and then provided with a member list with checkboxes (mark all - unmark all) to peruse for deletion. Maybe an option to ban that email address.

If asked for days registered before >180
Number of ads posted <= 0

I could clean up older than 6 months very few months. Just a thought to help those Admin clean up without making an ooops in the database


Staff member
Very good suggestion.
I think in one of the future updates you will be able to find the suggested features in the form of a plugin or in the Osclass Evo script..