• Osclass Evolution is an official classifieds script based on Osclass v. 3.8 which was officially closed on September 5, 2019.
    This engine maintains support for old templates and plugins, and it is constantly being updated and improved. Using this script, we guarantee that you will get a quality product with all the necessary support.

    All other improvements of this script are Amateur work of third-party developers.

Suggestion Future development


New member
I would to know what future direction of this fork is. Will you e.g have the code at GitHub or other public Git repositories? How can we collaborate more conveniently? I had a lot of issues with just posting here.


Staff member
All updates are posted on our official website, on this forum, on our market and in the Github repository.

We plan to release an update this week. And with great pleasure we are ready to listen to all your suggestions!


New member
Thanks. It took some effort and some months before i could finally post here :)

That is a positive sign. In my experience, a successful FOSS project is transparent, build up a certain level of contributors (be of any contribution, whether it's documentation, code, translation, testing, ideas etc) and it's should be easy to the community to contribute. IMO that is when the source code is available in a public Git repository like Github/GitLab etc.

Anyway, this fork is still young, but i consider using it for a project so hopefully i'll be able to give some feedback, suggestions and ideas moving forward.